Diwan Al-Rafidain Company

25 years of success was came from our adequate products which have won customer satisfaction and fact that all these products have been manufactured in companies regionally and internationally well known,

Through this, the company was able to establish a solid base to deal with these manufacturers and thus get the commercial agencies of these factories in Iraq:

FRESH Co. For Electrical & Home Appliances.

SIMFER Co. For Electrical & Home Appliances / OSCAR COOK Brand.

ELECTROSTAR Co. For Refrigerators.

And through this diversity in products supplying to the local market, it was imperative for our company to provide after-sales services to confirm this success by opening maintenance centers in a number of provincial centers

These maintenance centers, in addition of providing original spare parts it also provide on-site maintenance services which matched customer satisfaction through immediate response in providing convenience to customers by not having to transport the product to the main maintenance center.